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Kid SKA, would you buy it?

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So Natalie Wouldn’t is branching out.  Awhile back Justin Roberts was in town and he is a great musician and does really cool kids music. Well i have kids so we went. I noticed a few things for starters his gigs start at 6:30 in the evening and kids can’t get to the show by themselves. Also it is so great to see all the kids up close to the stage jumping up and down to just about every song. The energy was great. Well when ever I play our SKA music for my kids they love it and jump all around. After talking to the band we decided there is a need for Kids SKA and so we are in the beginning stages of a second band Orange Rhino, credit to Heather for the name.  So if you have any great ideas for kids lyrics pleae let us know, I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of fun songs we can come up with.


Natalie Debut Video for Song 4Stop

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Ok so Kevin out did himself. (Kevin Crosby) our Bass player IE….. video producer, produced this great little Video for our New CD coming out in about 2 weeks called Nick The Beat. Hope you enjoy the song and the video. The song is called 4STop, you will figure it out.


London at Ska Fest

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So thanks to Bob and his video camera we have some great footage of our song London. This was a very fun show and we want to thank Greg from Local Chaos for putting this show together. Enjoy.

Jack in the Studio

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n704501719_1665990_7220So at the end of last year and Jan of this year the band has been working hard on recording our new CD (Nic the Beat) It is turning out to be a great CD and should be out in the next few weeks.  Prior to going into the studio my Son Jack has always felt as if he was the 5th member of Natalie Wouldn’t. A while back we would practice at my house and so Jack was with us, sitting on  his stool and  setting up his mic and his guitar trying to mimic every move of Ricks our singer/guitar player ( Frontman) . Unlike his father Jack wants to be a guitar player, singer, not a drummer. His sister is going to be the drummer so she tells me.

Jack once said to me “Hey Daddy why do you keep booking gigs that are past my bed time” I had to laugh because he was being totally serious. Well he got his chance to get in the studio with us and we are happy to say that both Jack and Bella, Shawn’s daughter are on our new CD.

When I took Jack into the studio he looked around and said  “Hey Dad where are all the other guys thinking that we were all going to play a song together”  He learned that the studio “can be lonely sometimes” as Conrad Uno put it.

So if you want to hear Jack on our CD when it comes out pic up a copy and listen to the I hate you Track and you will hear him count the band in. And Shawn’s daughter is on the opening track.

Recent SKA Fest Show in Seattle 2009

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Well it was a great show at Studio Seven last Saturday. We played with some great bands, Warsaw Poland Bros, Chris Murry, Georgetown Orbits, Get Down Moses, and lots of other great bands. Here is a little video thanks to Bob hope you enjoy.

Hi SKA Fans

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Hi let me introduce myself. I’m Michael Fanning the drummer for the SKA band Natalie Wouldn’t based out of Seattle WA.

I’m the drummer and have some amazing musicians that I play with, Rick, Rick, Shawn, Sean, and Kevin. We have toured the UK, Canada, and up and down the West Coast. Here are 25 things you might not know about me.

1. My passion is playing drums. I can get lost and my mind just goes someplace else when I’m drumming
2. My favorite time of the year is Nov to Dec. I love the cold and crisp air
3. I absolutely love my kids unconditionally. When I look at them I can’t believe how lucky I am to have them in my life.
4. I can eat Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (Coffee Heath Bar Crunch) for ever, sometimes I can’t stop.
5. I love to snow ski even though I don’t do it much but when I do it makes me smile
6. I love telling jokes, I have a ton of jokes in my head but when someone puts me on the spot to tell one I can’t remember any of them.
7. I love public speaking the bigger the audience the better, it gets my adrenalin running and I love that feeling
8. I think having strong friendships with just a few really good people is essential to a healthy life.
9. I like really good wine and Mt Gay Rum and tonic, and if you’re out of rum then the old standby, Gin and tonic.
10. I was born in El Paso Texas
11. I was Louis in the play (The King and I) and I had a huge part when I was 12
12. My first car was a 1961 Chevy Truck that had a bad clutch
13. I love to watch the Housewife’s of Orange County and the Office.
14. I like having a nice looking lawn and I’m a bit obsessive about mowing it on a very regular basis, ( the Neighbors have commented)
15. I love gear, doesn’t matter what kind of gear but the more gear the better
16. Tucking my kids in at night it the best thing in the world, especially when they look up at you and smile.
17. One of the greatest feeling is playing to a packed club and seeing people really get into the music you are palying

18. I stress about losing my mom and dad some day because they have always been there for me.
19. I love travel especially in Europe.
20. I like adventures, and trying things I haven’t done before
21. I’m not a picky eater, I pretty much eat everything
22. Getting a hair cut is something I really enjoy, not sure why I just do.
23. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be in Italy on the coast
24. I wish I road my road bike more often it is up there with drumming
25. I’m really pretty simple and just want to make sure as I live my life I laugh and take time to enjoy ever min of it that I can.