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Train Justice! My favorite song to play.

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Recently at the SKA fest at Studio Seven we had some great video shot of lots of our songs (thank you Bob). This one song happens to be one of my favorites as well as one of the tracks on our up coming new CD Nick The Beat. I also love this video because some great fans from Oregon made it to the show and got up on stage druing this song and Skanked around a bit. We want to thank those kids and make sure they know we really apperciate thier enthuisam for our music. It keeps us doing what we are doing so thank you.


Fun Show Saturday March 14th 2009

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jules-maeWell one of the reasons I love being in a band has to do with the people you get to meet when you are out playing. You also run into very creative people and the band we are playing with this Saturday seems to be both. Stayed Tuned is a crazy concept that people seem to love. This is what they are about “Stay Tuned, the self-proclaimed Ultimate Television Rock Tribute Experience, was formed over 3 years ago by lead singer and keyboardist Matt Krahlman. His vision of rearranging the influential television themes of his youth into a completely different context became a reality when drummer / vocalist Fred Donaldson and bassist / vocalist Randy Williams joined Matt for their first rehearsal in a small practice studio just south of Safeco Field. Since then, the band has been musically inseparable and has delighted audiences and fellow musicians alike with a musical experience that can only be described as “… like sausage…”. Fred has since left the band to pursue his lifelong dream of guano farming and Stuhas joined the band as Stay Tuned’s formidable drummer.”  We are really looking forward to this show and I’m just excited to hear their stuff. I hope after you read this post you may want to come out and experience Natalie Wouldn’t and Stayed Tuned Live. Also please if you do come to our show come up and say hi we love to meet new people.


All about good times.

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Well last summer we hosted the great SKA band from Brighton (2nd Time Lucky) This video features a home recording we did with them along with some footage of our mini tour we had with them while we were in Seattle. This song Good Time is also one of the songs on our newest CD which will be out in April . I hope you enjoy the video. We sure did enjoy playing it as you will see.

Almost finished!

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Well we now have finished the art work for our new album and I wanted you to know the story behind this Picture. We toured as a band in England two summers ago and while in London, in the Soho district we were having a beer at a very cool outdoor pub. Back in the alley was this very interesting character we kept looking at him and then he came up to us and was selling some very soiled and used magazines. We asked him if we could take a picture of him holding he prized magazines. He was gracious and fun to talk to so we bought him a beer and then nicknamed him Elfbo. Short for Elf and Hobo. We felt that this would be a great picture for your new CD, Nick The BEAT. We should have it up on I-tunes  and CD Baby by April and I think you are really going to enjoy it.