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Our most recent line-up!

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Ok so I just have to say that when we played the folklife show with a full horn section and keyboards it was like old times.  I’ve been with this band for going on 10 years now but prior to that I was with a different horn band all through college and ther is just  something about a big band and the sound that it generates just makes me tingle.

Our most current line up is awesome. The core beginings of Natalie Wouldn’t are Rick Dybvad (guitar/voclas), Mike Fanning ( drums/vocals), Shawn Brockman (sax/vocals), and Kevin Crosby (Bass). Recently we added Sean Jensen (Sax/vocal), Rick Penttila (trumpet/vocals) and Just Erik (keyboards).  This new mix is truning out to be a great combination, it will be great as we gell and start to write new stuff. For those of you who love Natalie Wouldn’t as a 4 piece just wait to hear what we can do now. We are excited and hope you are too.

Cheers. The Band.


Natalie Wouldn’t is going to London.

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Yes it is true! Natalie Wouldn’t will be embarking on a band tour in England in late August. We are lucky to have a great band called 2nd Time Lucky to be hosting us over there. So far it looks like we have about 7 gigs set up starting in London then making our way to Brighton. We are working on all the details now so I’m sure I’ll post again soon with more details for those of you that want to come out and see some of the shows.

Sales are going well with your new CD Nick The Beat. We are planning on adding some new songs to our set especially for our London shows and then new material usually leads to another CD. So keep reading our blog and I’ll keep you posted as we get closer. Also I plan on posting video from our shows while we are on the road. Cheers and keep skanking.