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Natalie Wouldn’t playing with the Cherry Poppin Daddies.

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Yes you read the title correct, this Wed the 26th of May at Jazzbones Natalie Wouldn’t, and the Diablatones will be sharing the stage with the infamous Cherry Poppin Daddies. If you want to se some great music this is a show you have to make.

I remember way back in the 90 playing with CPD and they were great then and even better now. Doors open at 9:00 so check your calendars and if you want to skank your pants off then you must make this show.


Toasters Show last night, Studio 7

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This was a great show last night at Studio Seven with the Toasters.  The night started off with a local band called Poke Da Squid, followed by Rude Tuna. Natalie Wouldn’t went on 3rd and had a great tight set that got the crowd going. Skablins were up next then Buck and the boys came out and as usual did a great show.  After the show we had a bit of time to chat with Buck and as always he is gracious, he was very pleased with the night and said he really enjoyed our set. Well Buck we really enjoyed your set thanks for the mention while on stage we are always honored to play with you when your in town.  I have to say I always love seeing Jesse Hayes on the drums. His control and stick spinning ability is amazing. He is also just a flat out smoking drummer. We also have to mention the great playing of Trumpet – Rich Graiko and Bass – Thaddeus Merritt from Westbound train that shared the stage with Buck.   Well if you missed the show we are sorry but come on out on St Patty’s day March 17th to the Tiger lounge where we will be playing and drinking green beers.

Cheers the band.

Playing at the Anchor in Everett Fri Jan 22nd.

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So we are very excited to be playing this weekend at the Anchor Tavern in Everett. We will be sharing the stage with Poke Da Squid, Jaded 52, and the Skablins. This will be a great show. We always have such a great turn out at the Anchor. If your out and about please come up to Everett, or down depending on where you live and enjoy a fun night of SKA. For other shows we will be playing please visit our band site at


the band

Natalie Wouldn’t playing with the Toasters on Feb 22nd.

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Ok Natalie Wouldn’t fans it’s ture the Toasters are coming to Seattle on Feb 22nd to Studio Seven and we will be sharing the stage with them along with the Skablins -Rude Tuna – Poke Da Squid. This will be a great show and you really don’t want to miss it. We have a full horn line up for this show and will also be road testing some new songs. Looking forward to it and hope you are too.
Thanks for taking the time.

Back form the UK and boy did we have fun!

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Yes thats right we went over to the UK and played with the legendary Second Time Lucky. We just want to thank you guys for hosting us and showing us an amazing time. Special thanks goes out to Emma’s folks for having us out to their beautiful home and cooking for us before our show in Horsham. Below is a link to that show. Also thank all the kids who came out to see us. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Video from Horsham show in the UK

If you missed us at Folklife then see it now.

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Yes we played Folklife 09 again this year but were lucky in that we were on the main Comcast stage and it was an amazing day in Seattle. Our good buddy Bob was kind enough to film us and post these videos up on you tube and we would like to share them with you.

Here Is King of the Road

Here is Temper Temper

If you liked either of these songs they are on our newest CD called Nick the Beat.

Our most recent line-up!

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Ok so I just have to say that when we played the folklife show with a full horn section and keyboards it was like old times.  I’ve been with this band for going on 10 years now but prior to that I was with a different horn band all through college and ther is just  something about a big band and the sound that it generates just makes me tingle.

Our most current line up is awesome. The core beginings of Natalie Wouldn’t are Rick Dybvad (guitar/voclas), Mike Fanning ( drums/vocals), Shawn Brockman (sax/vocals), and Kevin Crosby (Bass). Recently we added Sean Jensen (Sax/vocal), Rick Penttila (trumpet/vocals) and Just Erik (keyboards).  This new mix is truning out to be a great combination, it will be great as we gell and start to write new stuff. For those of you who love Natalie Wouldn’t as a 4 piece just wait to hear what we can do now. We are excited and hope you are too.

Cheers. The Band.